Steel Grid Coupling, For Industrial



Finishing Polished
Color Grey
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 169 kNm

Features :

  1. Hubs are made from high fatigue strength steel, so that tooth fatigue failures are eliminated. Hubs are accurately machined to permit utilization of any hub surface for measurement of shaft alignment.
  2. Grid is made from high strength spring steel and duly heat treated to get high hardness. So that the stresses developed in the grid by transmitted load are well below the design value. Both straight & taper grids are available.
  3. Covers are made of Graded Cast Iron / Aluminum covers which permit higher running speeds.
  4. Seal is specially “U” shaped and made of synthetic material to withstand oil, dusty atmosphere and prevent leakage of lubricant.
  5. Fasteners are made of High tensile grade materials.

Simple / Easy Maintenance :

  • As there are fewer & less complicated components, maintenance is less & when regular inspection / lubrication is done the couplings gives good life.

Low Operational Cost :

  • The spare required is mainly the grid, which is a low cost component and that also gives substantial life. Hence the operational cost is much low.

Smooth & Quiet Operation :

  • The coupling components except grid to hub have no relative movement. Hence are smooth is operation. In grid & hub also the relative movement is very low & depends on misalignment. Hence the coupling as a whole is smooth & quite in operation.

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